Animated Video Production in Internal Comms

Use of animated video content in internal communications is exponentially growing – gone are the times of hours spent in stuffy board rooms and conference halls struggling to engage the audience with nothing but a PowerPoint presentation and a crackling PA system. Now the average Joe Bloggs or Jane Doe is a savvy internet user, used to the high paced online environment where content is king. They will be more accustomed to the compressed information download of online video ads & viral hits including “Monkey Ridin’ on a Pig” and “Ham-cat” than of downloading a .docx file only to realise they haven’t update to the new Word yet. Those quirky cat videos sure add up, with 240 million hours of video viewing racked up by users in the UK per month.

So – we know video content is popular, a veritable standard of the online experience & a great way to bring ideas quickly and efficiently to the masses.

That being said – there is a huge chance you are already using video and you are simply reading this article to reaffirm how much of a communication sensei you are! That’s because a staggering 93% of internal communications experts think video is essential. Oh, and a majority (54%) of employees are awaiting video content in the workplace.


Still not convinced? Video can benefit communication in many ways.


  1. Viewers are more like to take in information from video content than other, more traditional, media. Ever went through a PowerPoint slide only to have to read it over again to understand it?
  2. A video can say in minutes what would traditionally take pages of text (or a long meeting in that aforementioned stuffy board room, and there’s no coffee left…great)
  3. That brings us to meetings – how many times have you had to repeat the same information to different departments, different people, and different places? Save all that fuss and just create a video you can quickly share to all involved with a quick link in an email!
  4. Someone important never at the office (perhaps that CFO who has a passion for boating on the Riviera half the year?) Make a video and simply send them the link, they can watch it on the iPad as the waves roll by.
  5. Add emotion! You can create a story, characters & situations with video that would be impossible otherwise. Use that emotional investment viewers make to your advantage to anchor that message!

All that plus you can make what is typically quite dry content, such as those quarterly or annual fiscal reports, come to life and help the universal understanding of concepts. No more confused faces!

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